As a result of a very original initiative, Hacienda Guadalupe’s kitchen is the place where aroma, taste and texture express the terroir’s presence in every dish.

Located atop one of Hacienda Guadalupe’s hills, the restaurant offers a beautiful view of its vineyards and the valley, with a casual countryside atmosphere never sacrificing the comfort that embodies its
hacienda style.

Our menu is designed based on a combination of skills and talents in our kitchen, where patrons can perceive the team work of cooks that enjoy creating regional and mexican flavors.


Monday to Thursday: 8am-5pm
Friday to Saturday: 8am-9pm
Sunday: 8am-7pm

Our Cellar


Hacienda Guadalupe’s cellar is one of the biggest available to the public in the whole estate our cellar has a 1,200 bottles capacity.


The newest of Hacienda Guadalupe. It is located on the terrace of the Hotel. Nearby, our Restaurant-Bar is open late for your comfort and you can relax after your experience in Valle de Guadalupe

  • Hotel: 01152.(646) 155-2859
  • Restaurant: 01152.(646) 155-2860